Transabdominal cervicoisthmic cerclage

M. Besio, E. Oyarzún*

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With increasing demand for bridge service lives of 100 years or more, engineers face a durability challenge regarding bridges in coastal regions, where accelerated deterioration is commonly observed. To develop more-durable reinforcement, this research assesses the bond performance of duplex high-strength stainless steel (HSSS) 2205 strand in prestressed concrete piles by the experimental determination of the transfer and development length. The average transfer length of piles reinforced with duplex HSSS 2205 strand was 74% and 57% of the transfer length calculated based on ACI 318-14 and AASHTO LRFD specification requirements, respectively. In addition, driving the piles to refusal had little effect on the transfer length. The experimental development length of piles using duplex HSSS 2205 strand was 88% and 55% of the transfer length calculated based on ACI 318-14 and AASHTO LRFD specifications requirements, respectively. These results suggest that the current codes may be used without modifications for design with duplex HSSS 2205 strand.
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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics
EstadoPublicada - mar. 2005
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