Objectives: There is increasing evidence that many patients with COVID-19 symptoms are related to the oral cavity, but the connection with periodontal health is poorly understood. We aim to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the COVID-19 infection effects on oral health, we performed a questionnaire survey of the periodontal condition and analyzed expression in saliva and SARS-CoV-2 levels in COVID-19 patients and their close contacts.
Methods: Unstimulated saliva samples from cases and contacts subjects and oropharyngeal swabs were collected. SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acids in saliva and oropharyngeal swabs were detected by real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Additionally, a questionnaire survey on COVID symptoms, periodontitis auto report was carried on COVID-19 patients and their respective close contacts.
Results: 353 patients were recruited into this study; 176 males and 183 females. 228 positive and 122 negative cases, 114 of them correspond to the primary case of the study (32.08%), and 239 are close contacts who live in the same home (67.28%). Cases are significantly younger than close contacts (p-value=0.0400). The age of positive cases was 36.39 years, versus 40.21 years in contacts. When comparing the viral CT among patients <30-years-old and ≥30-years-old (N=39 and 75, respectively), mean CT was 30.97 (CI:29.72-32.23) in younger patients and 30.17 (CI:29.19-31.15) in older patients, although not statistically significant. Regarding periodontal status, CT mean values were 29.84 (CI:28.26-31.42) in patients with periodontal disease and 30.73 (CI:29.84-31.61) in individuals without the disease. In negative patients, 196 had periodontal disease (83.76%), 84 (73.04%) in positive cases. There was a positive association between periodontal disease and positivity (p<0.05). 75.7% of cases (87/115) self-reported periodontitis-related problems, 81.9% in contacts (199/243). 18.93% of symptomatic patients report having gum disease versus 6.67% in asymptomatic; 8.44% and 10.08% report having a diagnosis of periodontitis, respectively.
Conclusions: To our knowledge, this is the first report on COVID-19 and periodontal health among contacts and confirmed cases in Chile. Notably, there was an association between periodontal disease and COVID positivity. Moreover, confirmed cases are younger than contacts. T
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EstadoPublicada - ago. 2021

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