Diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up of osteoporosis—position statement of the Latin American Federation of Endocrinology

O. Gómez*, A. P. Talero, M. B. Zanchetta, M. Madeira, C. A. Moreira, C. Campusano, A. M. Orjuela, S. Cerdas P, M. P. de la Peña-Rodríguez, A. A. Reza, C. Velazco, B. Mendoza, L. R. Uzcátegui, P. N. Rueda

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The Latin American Federation of Endocrinology position statement on osteoporosis was developed by endocrinologists from 9 countries. It encompasses the definition, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of the disease, the identification of barriers to healthcare, and proposals to improve the disease care in the region.

INTRODUCTION: There is a gap in the understanding of osteoporosis in Latin America. The objective of this work is to state the position of the Latin American Federation of Endocrinology on osteoporosis care in postmenopausal women to better bridge this gap.

METHODS: An experts' panel was formed comprising of 11 endocrinologists from 9 countries. A data search was conducted with a conceptual approach and data selection was based on the hierarchy of the EBHC pyramid. Unpublished data was considered for local epidemiological data and expert opinion for the identification of barriers to healthcare. An expert consensus based on the Delphi methodology was carried out. Experts were asked to respond on a 5-point Likert Scale to two provided answers to guiding questions.

RESULTS: Consensus was agreed on the answer for the questions with the higher median on the Likert scale and synthetized on 16 statements covering the definition of osteoporosis, diagnostic approach, treatment options, and follow-up. Besides clinical topics, unmet needs in osteoporosis were identified in relation to local epidemiological data, barriers to treatment, and misclassification of programs within health systems.

CONCLUSIONS: Through a process based on recognized methodological tools, FELAEN's position on osteoporosis was developed. This made it possible to state an optimum scenario for the care of the disease and helped to identify knowledge gaps. There is great variability in the approach to osteoporosis in Latin America and barriers in all the stages of healthcare persist.

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