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Modernity is a central concept in Alberto Methol Ferre’s thought. What is its role in Latin American history? One or multiple modernities? Which is the relationship between Catholic Church and modernity? These are questions present in the intellectual itinerary of this Latin American thinker of the twentieth century. In search of answers, he studied a variety of authors and reflected on universal and Latin American history. A fundamental discovery was the Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce, whose ideas were useful to refine his intuitions. In this paper, after a short introduction, we will revise some of Methol Ferre’s writings from the 60s and 70s, in which he puts down his main theses concerning modernity and its links with Catholic Church and Latin American history; we will analyse his reading of Del Noce, and we will end with some conclusions.

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  • Alberto Methol Ferré
  • Augusto Del Noce
  • Catholic modernity
  • Latin American thought
  • modernity

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