DC-DC Converter Topologies and Control for DC Distributed Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations

  • Kouro, Samir (Investigador(a) Principal)
  • Rivera, Sebastián (Coinvestigador(a))

Detalles del proyecto


The conversion from combustion engine to electric vehicle will experiment an exponential growth over the upcoming decades, carrying with it a large-scale deployment of electric charging infrastructure. Needless to say the efficiency of charging stations has been the major market and R&D driver in its initial stages, which is the main focus of this 24-month kick off the network. However, next generation charging stations could also provide ancillary services to the grid, perform power regulation, provide battery backup, etc. These future trends and challenges will provide a fertile ground to further expand the research cooperation on this topic between both centers, and give continuity in the medium and long term.
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Fecha de inicio/Fecha fin1/11/1731/10/19