Virtuous work and organizational culture: how Aristotelian practical wisdom can humanize business

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This chapter aims to overcome the rationalistic and mechanistic paradigm of organizational theory redefining the nature of organizations as a community of work. We sustain that Aristotelian practical wisdom deepens our understanding of organizations by incorporating different features of personal work in organizational contexts, such as meaning, interpretation, ambiguity, conflict, context-dependence, productivity, and reflexivity. In this chapter, we will explain (i) how the organization aimed to excellence is better defined as a community of work, and, (ii) how practical wisdom in organization must be defined in light of work as a deliberative and participative production. Thus, the goal of the chapter is twofold: First, it seeks to introduce a concept of work into the Aristotelian organizational theory; second, it aims to showing the potential of Aristotelian practical wisdom for deepening our understanding of organizations by integrating an Aristotelian definition of the community of work and common good into organizational theory.
Original languageSpanish (Chile)
Title of host publicationHuman Centered Organizational Culture
Subtitle of host publicationGlobal Dimensions
ISBN (Print)9780367551117
StatePublished - 10 Mar 2021

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