Trade settlements

Hugo Benedetti, Ehsan Nikbakht, Giga Zukhubaia

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The current security trade settlement life cycle presents several inefficiencies derived from intermediaries involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers. This chapter examines distributed ledger technology (DLT), the underlying technology of all blockchain applications, including trade settlements. It also reviews the implications of using blockchain in trade settlements for cryptoassets. Emerging blockchain technology provides investors, exchanges, regulators, and countless potential intermediaries with the most up-to-date technology with the highest efficiency, transparency, credibility, and automation enabled by smart contracts. Smart contracts allow an ecosystem to manage the process of trade settlements starting from execution to clearing and then settlement. These contracts reduce reconciliation and recordkeeping costs and streamline repetitive processes present in today's trade settlement system. The chapter highlights the benefits of implementing DLT in financial markets globally in all trading aspects, including cryptoassets.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Emerald Handbook on Cryptoassets
Subtitle of host publicationInvestment Opportunities and Challenges
PublisherEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)9781804553206
ISBN (Print)9781804553213
StatePublished - 16 Jan 2023

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  • Blockchain
  • Cryptoassets
  • Distributed ledger technology
  • Ecosystem
  • Smart contracts
  • Trade settlements


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