Surface functionalization of nanobiomaterials for application in stem cell culture, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine

Deepti Rana, Keerthana Ramasamy, Maria Leena, Constanza Jiménez, Javier Campos, Paula Ibarra, Ziyad S. Haidar, Murugan Ramalingam

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Stem cell-based approaches offer great application potential in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine owing to their ability of sensing the microenvironment and respond accordingly (dynamic behavior). Recently, the combination of nanobiomaterials with stem cells has paved a great way for further exploration. Nanobiomaterials with engineered surfaces could mimic the native microenvironment to which the seeded stem cells could adhere and migrate. Surface functionalized nanobiomaterial-based scaffolds could then be used to regulate or control the cellular functions to culture stem cells and regenerate damaged tissues or organs. Therefore, controlling the interactions between nanobiomaterials and stem cells is a critical factor. However, surface functionalization or modification techniques has provided an alternative approach for tailoring the nanobiomaterials surface in accordance to the physiological surrounding of a living cells; thereby, enhancing the structural and functional properties of the engineered tissues and organs. Currently, there are a variety of methods and technologies available to modify the surface of biomaterials according to the specific cell or tissue properties to be regenerated. This review highlights the trends in surface modification techniques for nanobiomaterials and the biological relevance in stem cell-based tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. © 2016 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Biotechnol. Prog., 32:554-567, 2016.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)554-567
Number of pages14
JournalBiotechnology Progress
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1 May 2016


  • microenvironment
  • nanobiomaterials
  • regenerative medicine
  • stem cells
  • surface functionalization
  • tissue engineering


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