Incidencia y mortalidad de bacteriemia en un hospital clínico docente en Santiago de Chile

Translated title of the contribution: Incidence and mortality of bacteremia in a public hospital in Santiago

María Gambra*, Jeferson Flores, Kathleen Ramírez, Sofía Palma, Pedro Zitko, María Teresa Valenzuela, Carlos Beltrán

*Corresponding author for this work

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Background: The incidence of bacteremia has increased over the last decade due to the aging of the population and the wide implementation of invasive nosocomial procedures and wide-spectrum antimicrobial treatments. Aim: To assess the epidemiology of hospital and ambulatory bacteremias in a public hospital in Santiago. Material and Methods: A prospective longitudinal cohort study of laboratory-confirmed adult patients with bacteremia was undertaken at a public hospital in Santiago, between June 1, 2007 and April 30, 2008. Demographic, clinical, and laboratory data was collected into a standardized study-specific form. Results: In the study period, 253 cases of true bacteremia were identified, with an incidence of 11 per 1,000 patient discharges (63.6% nosocomial, 36.7% fatal). Only 2/3 of the cohort was alive at day 28 of hospitalization. Variables associated with mortality were age with a hazard ratio (HR) of 2.31; (95% confidence intervals (CI) 1.42- 3.77); female gender (HR, 1.70; 95% CI 1.06- 2.71); shock (HR, 3.24; 95%CI 2.01- 5.22); and C reactive protein (HR, 2.10; 95% CI 1.17- 3.78). The variable associated with lower mortality was surgery (HR, 0.43; 95% CI 0.25- 0.75). Selective empiric treatment did not improve survival. Conclusions: Besides age and gender, survival can be influenced by modifiable variables such as presence of shock and surgical intervention, which may provide an opportunity to improve outcomes.

Translated title of the contributionIncidence and mortality of bacteremia in a public hospital in Santiago
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)859-866
Number of pages8
JournalRevista Medica de Chile
Issue number7
StatePublished - 2012


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