Hagiografía, milagros y providencia: fundamentos teológico-históricos de la Historia Francorum de Gregorio de Tours (siglo VI)

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The Gallo-Roman author Saint Gregory of Tours lived in a period of chaos and turbulences caused by the Barbarian invasions and the current heresies. With a formation mainly centered in the Scriptures, his proposal was to prove God's intervention in the history of his time through His miracles. His main work, the Historia Francorum is framed inside the Christian dynamics of the 'theology of history'. Although it evidences a more less local vision, it is also present a Christian universal sense. His narration has become a text of capital importance for the best understanding of the change from the Roman imperial vision to new historical realities; in this particular case, the world of Francs. This Bishop of Tours studies Providence action through history -especially through hagiography- with an objective both pastoral and moralizer, and, with a similar goal, the problem of the necessary conversion of individuals and societies.

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JournalTeologia y Vida
Issue number4
StatePublished - 2011

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