God has spoken: The dialectical thought of Kierkegaard, brunner and barth

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Dios ha hablado was published by Manuel Gutiérrez in 1950. It was issued by La Aurora and Casa Unida de Publicaciones, which for decades were the leading Protestant publishers of Latin America. This is a reasonably learned work for the public he was addressing, visibly shaped by Gutiérrez's first-hand reading of Kierkegaard, with no references to secondary literature. The main idea of the book-that Kierkegaard should be read as a proto-dialectical theologian-can be considered typical of the times. For Gutiérrez, himself a historian of the Reformation in Spain and a significant translator of Reformation writings into Spanish, comparisons of Roman Catholic authors with Kierkegaard are out of the question. While this resistance to Roman Catholic parallels may be questionable, the author's Reformation heritage also plays a positive role in the book. The later chapters, dedicated to Barth and Brunner, only rarely mention Kierkegaard.
Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationKierkegaard Secondary Literature: Tome VI: Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish
Number of pages2
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StatePublished - 24 Feb 2017


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