Encuentros con la escritura en el ingreso a la educación superior: Representaciones sociales de los estudiantes en seis áreas de conocimiento

Translated title of the contribution: Writing encounters at hig her education entry: Student s’ social representations in six areas of knowledge

Federico Navarro, Fernanda Uribe Gajardo, Pablo Lovera Falcón, Enrique Sologuren Insúa

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The expansion of Higher Education shows rising drop-out rates during the first university year, which has fostered the adoption of learning support initiatives. However, little is known about the experiences and expectations of new students. The aim of this article is to account for the social representations of academic writing teaching expressed by first-year university students. To that end, it conducts a contrastive analysis of 360 open answers given by 180 informants from six knowledge areas (Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Health Sciences, Science Pedagogy, and Social Sciences) in a metropolitan state university in Chile. The corpus was qualitatively coded using emergent categories followed by a quantification of occurrences, an inter-rater reliability calculation and a classification of disciplines. Results show that for students the discursive and procedural features of indistinctive genres, such as the essay, are the most challenging writing aspects, especially the management of sources and perspectives, the fulfilment of expectations from teachers and disciplinary communities, and the development of ideas throughout texts. Students consider that writing is learnt through exercising and practice together with the guidance and feedback from teachers and tutors and other complementary strategies such as text deconstruction, modeling, scaffolding and peer work, although they are not able to identify the institutional and curricular environments that offer literacy teaching. These findings may help institutions make the most of young students’ experiences and expectations to facilitate their access to the writing practices of their future disciplinary communities.

Translated title of the contributionWriting encounters at hig her education entry: Student s’ social representations in six areas of knowledge
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)75-98
Number of pages23
Issue number38
StatePublished - 1 Sep 2019
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Se agradece la financiaci?n concedida por el Fondo Basal para Centros de Excelencia proyecto FB0003 de PIA-CONICyT, por el Proyecto FONDECyT N?. 1191069 de CONICyT y por el Plan de Mejoramiento Institucional (PMI) UCH1501 del Ministerio de Educaci?n, Chile. Tambi?n se agradece la labor de los ayudantes-estudiantes que colaboraron en la codificaci?n inicial del corpus. Por ?ltimo, se agradece la colaboraci?n de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la universidad investigada en la construcci?n de la encuesta, de los cuatro expertos consultados en la revisi?n del instrumento de recolecci?n. y del ?rea de Gesti?n Acad?mica de la universidad investigada en la recogida de los datos.

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