Can AI emulate Soft Skills? The future of work in the balance

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Debate on the future of work abounds and is largely motivated by the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. At the same time, training for and recruitment of talent based on soft skills is at an all-time high. Thus, it seems clear that the future work does not just demand technological understanding, interaction and acumen, but also includes the ability to communicate and maturely interact individually and collectively. This combination can only be successfully made with a broad and profound view of what human work means, which is at the core of Human Centered Organizations (HCM). This chapter compares artificial intelligence (AI) with practical, properly human, intelligence in order to evaluate person-centered leadership, whose main tool is people and therefore their soft skills, and whether or not it can overcome a mechanistic vision of the organization, as well as point to a future in which firms’ social purpose prevails as a source of development and growth for the people who work in them.
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StatePublished - 10 Mar 2021

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